About Us

Live your best, most capable life.

Zenbody was creating by Arturo Del Aguila and Miguel Chavez as a way to keep you thriving and being able to keep up with life. 

We started with mobile massage in 2015 in Mesa, Arizona. Now we are evolving into a self care and recovery brand reaching as many people as we can. It's our passion to help you take care of your only body and make the most out of it.


"I am into health and being proactive with our bodies because of the way my mother lost her body. When I was just a kid, my mother experienced headaches, dizziness and as well as loss of motor function. No doctor was able to find any reason why this was happening. Slowly, painfully, and surely, her health declined over a number of years until she was unable to move at all. Seeing her, still young in her 40's, not being able to live, move, be the mother, wife, sister that she was made me upset. I found the best way to make her feel better was through massage. She couldn't talk but her smile told me all I needed to know. Years after she passed, I found massage therapy as an avenue to continue the work I love. This is Zenbodys' inspiration."


"Through muscle strain and back pain I have learned that self care should be everyone’s priority. I understand our everyday lives and responsibilities with our loved ones can stop us from taking care of ourselves first. I believe that taking care of our bodies first will result in a more relaxing and energetic daily routine. I am committed to help our clients to live their best possible lives and that commitment is my main priority (after taking care of my body of course). Let’s be Zen together!"