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Be your best body

Activate your State of Mind

Balance your active lifestyle and the in-between rest periods. 


Massage on the go, when you need it, done at your place.

Beyond Massage

Be zen always.

Quality products to maintain and improve so you can always be thriving.

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Our Massages

The Classics

Deep tissue, Swedish, stretch, and trigger point therapy massage by Zenbody done at your home

Kill stress, breakdown knots, and release tension so you can get back to what matters.

Swedish to rejuvenate

Deep tissue to eliminate chronic tension

Trigger Point to undo knots

Stretch to maximize flexibility 

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Manual Therapies

Graston IASTM done at your home by Zenbody. Also Myofascial release, cupping, A.R.T, and PNF stretch

Some issues need more love. 

Treating serious dysfunctions and injuries with advance therapies to get you back to reality.

Myofascial Release

Graston (IASTM)



PNF Stretching

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CBD Infusion

All natural and organic CBD oil 1200mg massage add in by Zenbody to feel a new level of relaxation

Maximize your self care with a dosage of Wycked Chill CBD Oil. 

With a dosage of up to 1200mg, feel stress reduce, inflammation decrease, muscle relax, and pain fade way. As well as get the getting the best nights sleep. 

Enhance your massage or buy a full bottle for those in-between moments.

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